Membership Overview

Membership overview

1. Eligibility:In order to be admitted as a member of the Society, a person: 
(i)    Must belong to the Saini cast;
(ii)    and must be 21 years of age on the date of admission; 
(iii)    should subscribe to the aims and objects of the Society; 
(iv)    must have deposited the membership fee and annual subscription fee (if applicable) through the modes prescribed in the act and corresponding rules and such amendments thereafter and must not be in arrears of payment of such fee as on the date of annual general meeting for continuing as a member; 
(v)    must not be an insolvent and of unsound mind; and 
(vi)    must not have been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude Involving imprisonment of one year or more. 
(vii)    Must be residing in Tehsil Narnaul except block Nangal Choudhary for last three years and having any valid proof of residence.

2.    Kinds/ Types / Categories of Members  : The Society shall consist of two different categories of members as under: 
i).    Life Members – A person may be admitted as a life member on payment of the prescribed fees, fulfilling the eligibility criteria and such person shall continue to be the member of the society for his life.
ii).    Honorary Member – The Governing Body may propose individuals of distinguished talent and merit or whose association is deemed to be beneficial to the Society or who has rendered services of outstanding merit to the Society or who is a distinguished citizen of India or any other country as Honorary Member of the Society to the Collegium for approval and appointment with simple majority, after obtaining consent of the individual, without payment of any membership or subscription fees. The Honorary members shall be entitled to attend the meetings and contribute to the deliberations but shall have no right to vote.

3.    Membership Fee & Annual Subscription:
(i)    The rates for membership of the Society and the annual subscription shall be as under:

        S. No.    Type of Member    Admission Fee    Annual Subscription
        1.       Life Member             Rs. 501/-             NIL
        2.       Honorary Member        NIL                   NIL

4.    Admission Procedure (for life members):
i).    The admission of a person as a member of the Society shall be decided by its Governing Body from time to time;  
ii).    An individual willing to be a member of the Society has to submit an application in prescribed form and along with supporting documents to the General Secretary/Secretary duly filled in and signed and recommended by a regular member of the society. 
iii).    The General Secretary/Secretary shall examine the application and place the same before the Governing Body for a decision. 
iv).    The Governing Body may accept or reject the application and it shall be bound to assign the due reason in writing for its decision of rejection. Such applicant shall have right to go for appeal against such rejection order in the Collegium.  
v).    The approval of the Governing Body shall be intimated to the member within 45 days in writing or displayed on the notice board of the society, his name shall be entered in the register of members, to be maintained in such manner & form as prescribed under the Haryana Societies Registration and Regulation Rules, 2012 and he/she will be issued an Identity Card of the Society.  

5.    Identity Card for every member:  Every person admitted as a member will be issued an identity card containing his/ her photograph, brief particulars and membership category, duly signed by the individual Member and the President of the Society. 

6.    Rights & Obligations of Members:
i).    All the members of the Society shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the Society as contained in its byelaws and amended from time to time; 
ii).    Only Life Members shall have a right to cast his vote at the elections of the Society provided such member is not defaulter in payment of any dues of the Society. 
iii).    Every member of the Society shall have the right to inspect the internally audited books of accounts, books containing the minutes of proceedings of the general meetings, meetings of the Governing Body and register of members of the society on the schedule prescribed by the governing body; 
iv).    Every member shall inform the Society about any change in his address, which shall be duly recorded in the register of members of the Society and upon which the Society shall issue a fresh Identity Card to such member at his cost as decided by the governing body from time to time. 

7.    Cessation of Membership : Any person admitted as a member shall cease to be a member of the Society in the following events: 
i).    Attracts the provisions contained in Section 22 of the Act; 
ii).    Upon his/ her acting contrary to the aims and objectives of the Society; 
iii).    Upon such member being found guilty by 3/4th majority of the Collegium of a financial misappropriation of the funds of the society; 
iv).    Upon indictment and directions for removal by the District Registrar/Registrar/ Registrar General of Societies; 
v).    An Honorary member shall cease to be a member of the Society, if the Collegium, decides so by passing a resolution with 3/4th majority in this behalf. 

8.    Associate Fellow:
All the Saini fraternity members of Tehsil Narnaul (excluding the block Nangal Choudhary area) fulfilling the eligibility criteria to become a member are the Associate fellow of the society and are the integral part of this society. This society is primarily devoted to the welfare and all round development of the whole Saini fraternity. Therefore all Saini citizens of the area are the part of this society. 

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