Aims %26 Objectives

The Society shall carry out its activities for the fulfillment of below listed major aims and objectives and in addition; can undertake any work/activity for the benefit of Saini Community and Nation at large:

  1. To develop the Saini fraternity in all aspects, to strengthen the organization, to increase mutual warmth and cooperation, to remove social evils and encourage the collective/group marriage system.
  1. To run various public welfare institutions like Schools, Colleges, Dharamshala, Hospitals, Remedial Centers, and Social Development Centers etc.
  2. To provide Counseling, Guidance and Assistance for economic & educational upliftment of the Saini fraternity.
  3. To encourage and empower women of the Saini fraternity for finding and undertaking suitable employment
  4. To organize programs pertaining to spreading constitutional and legal awareness through Leadership Development Programs.
  5. To provide or arrange Scholarship/Loan Facility for higher education to the deserving students of Saini fraternity by creating separate funds from the budget for this purpose only.
  6. To encourage every citizen of Saini fraternity for using “Saini” as the surname.
  7. Promotion of national unity and international peace and amity.
  8. Promotion of communal and social harmony and brotherhood.
  9. To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement against smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse.
  10. To create awareness and addressing some of the social evils, such as, female feticide, dowry, extravagant expenditure on social functions like marriages, empowerment of women in decision making etc.
  11. Promotion and progress of agriculture and animal husbandry.
  12. To take up programmes for accelerating the pace of rural development with application of science and technology (techniques and technologies for cost reduction, improving productivity, etc.) especially in the field of water conservation, sanitation, low-cost housing, agriculture and animal husbandry and engineering sources.
  13. To take up programmes for ensuring protection of environment and for regeneration of natural resources.
  14. Promotion and extension of appropriate technology including systems having renewable sources of energy.
  15. Promotion of cottage and small scale industries by taking up action research work.
  16. To take up programmers in which science and technology may have major role in improving life, working conditions and opportunities for gainful employment of women.
  17. To engage in delivery of citizen services in a transparent manner with use of Information and Communication Technology.
  18. To undertake impact evaluation of economic and social projects.
  19. To undertake programmes which ensure rising of income levels and expanding employment opportunities of the weaker sections of the Society, particularly of those living below the poverty line and women by involving participants in the planning, implementation and maintenance of activities taken up.
  20. To organize disadvantaged section of the Society and take steps for increasing their level of awareness in regards to the programme contents and facilities therein under Government/non-Government programmes, legal provisions, etc. and also for increasing their bargaining power by promoting co-operative and group action.
  21. To take up all formal and non-formal educational programmes as per directives contained in the National Policy of Education, 1986.
  22. To work for promotion of sports and health care activities;
  23. To raise or acquire funds or property from Central Government, State Government, Non-government agencies, charitable trusts by way of donations or grants or contribution or by taking loan from public and private financial institutions. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources, present and future, of the Society shall be utilized for any or all the purposes or objects of the Society as stated above and also for all other similar activities in furtherance of ideals of truth and non-violence.
  24. Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul, Haryana is a Social and Cultural organization which shall not have any political relations.
  25. Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul, Haryana shall be independent to form any sub-committees/institutions to carry out any one or more than one activity from the above listed and any such aims and objectives for the welfare of society and nation at large.


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